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Overall Features

Our revolutionary Cloud solution is powerful, simple, and surprisingly affordable.


Periodic security audits and applying patches. Server boot failure investigation and diagnosis.

Optimized Software

All VPS Server from Bluepoint is based exclusively on SSD. High performance cloud hosting using the latest technology.

DDOS Protection

All VPS Servers have 250 Mbps / 250K PPS - Free.

Global Network

Our worldwide network of 15 data centers, spanning 5 continents, allow our customers to set up their VPS servers exactly where they benefit them the most.

Experience and Excellence

Our experienced VPS hosting team provides you with the best VPS solutions as well as round-the-clock customer service.

Real Support

If you need a real support you can contact us with support chat they can help in almost anything

Email Marketing Servers

Ipv4 /22, /23 and /24
Unlimited bandwith
Not Port 25 Limitation
No Upstream Filtering
No Filtering
We Accept Bitcoin
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